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Event & Design Creation at its finest.

Enjoy. Feel. Live. Share. Love. Laugh. Simply Celebrate Life!

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Event Management

Image & Design Thinking

Creation of unforgettable experiences

Finding of the venue, caterer and other suppliers & Management of decoration, budget and planning, invitations and thank-you notes, giveaways, animations, music and DJ, lightings…

I’m taking care of everything, and mostly of you!


Consulting on Image & Design

Review & recommendations on brand identity, product, personal styling, interior design… to achieve your personal or business goals, explore distinctive styles, and mostly meet your desires.

I’m ready to address all the challenges!

Who am I? 

« The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is that little extra »  Jimmy Johnson

Passionate about the magic of celebrations & illuminated by exceptional atmospheres and design, I’m always looking for this little ‘extra’ that makes each moment unforgettable and precious, as well as each design particular and exceptional.

« To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist » Oscar Wilde               

I’m convinced that nowadays it’s becoming more important to Enjoy, Feel, Live, Share, Love, Laugh … to Simply Celebrate Life and fully live your emotions during extraordinary & memorable experiences!


JustD | Simply Celebrate Life!

Enjoy. Feel. Live. Share. Love. Laugh.

A place of inspiration, imagination, innovation and emotions.

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